SBTV: Ice Kid – Jekyll & Hyde EP [Review]

via SBTV:

Jekyll & Hyde EP

Ice Kid‘s elusive persona can often lead some to question his dedication. That is, until they hit play on the Jekyll & Hyde EP, of course.

It’s easy to lose sight of some artists amongst the constant slew of new content being released every day, however, there comes a point where we have to ask ourselves the question: what do we, as the consumer, really want? Is it a couple of low-budget music videos every month? A mixtape of freestyles? Or a solid piece of work, delivered less frequently – this EP falls in to the latter category.

The Jekyll & Hyde EP (more of a mini-album, than an EP) reintroduces the listener to a more mature, 20 year old Ice Kid – equipped with on-point production (courtesy of Z. DotRipper and Ice, himself), intelligent story-telling and heartfelt, passionate bars.

The EP opens with VooDooIce Kid spits ferociously over the haunting beat, reminding the listener of the lyrical ability he’s most known for. He moves on to demonstrate his story-telling skills in track two: Jimmy. Here, Ice acquaints the listener with Jimmy, a city-dwelling drug dealer caught up in the stereo-typical pitfalls of the lifestyle; Ice walks us through a troubling set of events, ultimately leading to the predictable unsavoury ending we’re all too familiar with. The EP maintains its integrity throughout, dipping in-and-out of the conscious on tracks such as By Tomorrow and The Rain, whilst offering something more uplifting on, Live Once. Not forgetting something for the smokers (of course), on track six, MarijuanaIce speaks on his love affair with the drug, citing “It’s got a hold of me,” before stepping up to the mic and singing a melodic hook.

All in all, the Jekyll & Hyde EP serves as the perfect medium for Ice Kid to reconnect with his supporters – with a collection of work which allows us to scope his vision, without spoiling what’s to come. The EP explores a host of topics in its seven tracks, however, it isn’t just subject matter which provides the quality of work, ultimately it’s his passion which crosses over to the listener and evokes the best response.

Purchase the EP on iTunes for just £1.79 HERE.

– Ash Houghton


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